What Does a Bride Need on Her Wedding Day: A Complete Guide

Your wedding is the most special day of your life, but anything from a rainshower to a wardrobe malfunction can shake things up. Being prepared for anything helps your big day run much smoother. Packing a bag with some essential items can make the difference between a beautiful ceremony and an unexpected mess.

A bride holding a pearl clutch.

18 Essential Items Every Bride Needs On Her Big Day

What does a bride need on her wedding day? The following are some of the most important items to have on hand for your city hall wedding in San Francisco or wherever your venue is.

1. A Small Bag, Backpack, or Purse

Without this first item, it’ll be a lot harder to have all the other items you need on hand! A small bag or backpack is essential for carrying your other wedding day must-haves. Choose something that has a lot of pockets for organizing your items, making them easily accessible.

2. Proper Undergarments

Wedding dresses call for proper undergarments that work with the style of the dress. For example, if your dress is strapless, you’ll need a supportive strapless bra. You might also want shapewear like Spanx to help your gown look as flawless as possible.

3. Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara is essential to keep you looking picture-perfect, whether you’re dealing with an unexpected downpour or understandable tears of joy. When your wedding photographs come back, you don’t want to see smudged mascara looking back at you, so invest in a quality waterproof mascara.

4. Mints or Mouthwash

Bad breath doesn’t make exceptions for special occasions. Be sure to pack breath mints or a small bottle of mouthwash to keep your breath minty fresh for that first kiss.

5. Medications and First Aid Items

Headaches, stomachaches, and other ailments don’t sit out weddings. If you start feeling ill before or during your ceremony, it’s good to have some medications on hand. Pack a first aid kit with medicine, band-aids, and any other medical items someone might need throughout the day.

6. Makeup Remover

Even with the most talented makeup artist, mishaps can happen. You’ll want makeup remover or wipes in your bag to quickly remove any mistakes and get back to the task at hand.

7. An Umbrella

You never know what the weather is going to be like when getting married in San Francisco. With that said, you don’t want a little rain to put your special day on hold. Bring an umbrella to the venue so that you can protect your gown from getting wet while the festivities continue.

8. Deodorant and Perfume

Smelling fresh and clean is important on all days, but especially on the biggest day of your life. Pack some deodorant and perfume to spritz on before walking down the aisle. Many brides choose a special scent exclusively for their wedding day so that when they smell it through the years, it brings them back to the memory of their ceremony.

9. Tweezers

Imagine taking one last look in the mirror and spotting a rogue hair jutting out from your chin. You have mere seconds before making your big entrance, so what can you do? This is exactly why you should pack a pair of tweezers in your wedding bag!

10. Jewelry

What does a bride needs on her wedding day to complete her look? Jewelry — whether you want to wear your grandmother’s earrings, your mom’s necklaces, a cool thrift find. If you have a meaningful piece you want to incorporate into the day, be sure to pack it in your bag.

11. Stain Remover

Your flower girl just spilled juice down her light pink dress; what are you going to do? Having a fast and reliable stain remover in your bag is the best way to address accidents and spills, keeping everyone’s garments fresh and clean for the nuptials.

12. Comfortable Shoes

You probably have a beautiful pair of heels that you’ll wear for your walk down the aisle, but these won’t be comfortable for the entire day. This is particularly true for brides who want to hit the dance floor during their reception. Pack some comfortable shoes that you can slip on after the ceremony!

13. Clothing Tape

Even with the best tailoring, wardrobe malfunctions still happen. Bringing double-sided clothing tape is a great way to keep the neckline of your dress close to the skin or fix a dragging hem.

14. Travel Sewing Kit

Another great item to have on hand is a travel sewing kit. Small rips and tears can happen to anyone — from yourself to your bridesmaids. Having sewing tools available makes it possible for last-minute amendments to wedding-day outfits.

15. Tissues or Handkerchiefs

While weddings are happy occasions, they come with a lot of tears. Whether it’s the father of the bride reminiscing over his little girl or your groom in awe of how beautiful you look, tissues and handkerchiefs are a must.

16. Bobby Pins

Wedding hairstyles are complicated, and getting them right requires a range of hair tools and accessories. You’ll want plenty of bobby pins on hand to keep stray hairs in place in a subtle and discrete way.

17. Blotting Papers

You may sweat during your wedding, especially if it’s a summer wedding. No matter how good your setting powder is, hot temperatures cause oiliness. Pack some blotting papers to absorb excess oil and maintain your wedding-day look.

18. Your Wedding License

What does a bride need on her wedding day more than anything else? Well, some might say her wedding license! The wedding isn’t complete without the officiant signing your wedding license, so have it on hand before arriving at the venue.

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