Ideas for the Perfect Civil Wedding Dress for the Bride

Traditional weddings are expensive and formal, but you don’t have to marry in a church simply because of tradition. A courthouse wedding can be an intimate and beautiful experience, and a city hall wedding in front of the county clerk doesn’t mean you don’t get to dress up.

Let’s say you are 100% sure about having a wedding at city hall, but you don’t know what dress to wear as the bride. You are bucking tradition by avoiding the church, so does that mean you should avoid the traditional white dress?

Here are some fantastic ideas if you are looking for a civil wedding dress for the bride.

Prepare for the big day by learning everything you need for a city hall marriage in San Francisco and see how stunning civil weddings can be.

Different Types of Wedding Dresses

Traditional long white dress

White dresses can be as simple or fancy as you want. A white dress can have no frills or tons of lace. No matter your size or style and whether you shop off the rack or work with a designer, a traditional white dress can make your civil wedding special, like the wedding of your dreams.

Boho-style dress

Boho-style dresses are one of the most casual wedding dresses in today’s culture. Women worldwide love them because they draw the perfect line between modern and traditional. Boho dresses are sophisticated, trendy, and super easy to accessories. A Boho-style dresses are the perfect courthouse wedding dresses if you love fashion.

Simple short dress

Many brides prefer simple short dresses for a less formal look. This style is flexible and provides a variety of sleeve lengths and hemlines. Even a shirt dress can work if you want something discrete yet tasteful. Older dress styles from the 40s and 50s are trendy and make a perfect silhouette. Whether your simple short dress is modern or vintage, it will make a perfect civil wedding dress for a bride.

Evening dress

The time of day can be a crucial factor in your dress style. Evening dresses come in different cuts, silhouettes, and fabrics that bridge the gap between a less dressy city hall wedding and a formal wedding ceremony. Evening dresses have many intricate details that distinguish them from every other dress. They can highlight a women’s beauty with low necklines, extravagant skirts, bare arms, and fitted bodices. Since your civil wedding will already be in the city, your evening dress will be perfect for the reception party after the ceremony.

Plus size dress

If you are a curvy bride, then a plus-size dress might be just what you want. Pick the silhouette that appeals to your romantic taste. Whether you choose an empire or bell silhouette, make sure it flatters your body without tripping you up with too much volume. If you want a casual plus-size dress, wear the silhouette that matches your outerwear, and don’t feel married to the color white. Remember, this is your civil wedding, don’t be afraid to stand out and be yourself.


If you are the type of person willing to avoid a traditional wedding venue, you might be the type of person to forego a dress altogether. Jumpsuits are comfortable, fashionable, and the perfect balance between formal wear and casual wear. Jumpsuits are perfect for anyone wanting to wear a fun pair of shoes to their courthouse wedding.

Pants and blazer

The jumpsuit may not be bold enough for you. Maybe you want an outfit that is masculine and feminine at the same time. Wearing pants and a blazer can increase your style options. The right color and cut can take a memorable day and make it unforgettable. Whether you choose a fitted or oversized blazer is up to you, but either way, your civil ceremony will be perfect.

Make Your Wedding Outfit Pop


Let’s say you are going for that simple white short dress, but you want something to elevate your wedding look. Go crazy on the shoes. You could choose a warm blue color or a bold pink color to symbolize your love. With shoes, the styles are endless. You could go for fancy high heels or comfortable flats or sandals.


Most brides see the bouquet as an essential accessory to their dress. The type of bouquet you choose depends on your personality. Are you looking for something simple arrangement to complement your simple dress or something to hide behind when your partner goes for that quick kiss? We live in a world where almost every flower can come in any color. Don’t be afraid to choose the flower that brings the most happiness to your civil wedding.


Ribbons are one of the most versatile ways a bride can make her outfit pop. Add a long ribbon to your waist and treat it like a beautiful belt. Or place a ribbon or two in your hair to keep it looking beautiful and stylish. Wrap a ribbon around that bouquet to keep the flowers together, or tie a thin blue ribbon around your ankle for the tiniest bit of color.


It’s your wedding: you have a right to wear something shiny. Put on that beautiful pair of earrings that sparkle. Or slip a cute flowery broach into your hair to keep it in place. Don’t forget to add that little necklace your sweetheart gave you when you two first started dating.

Remember to Have Fun

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days you will experience. The civil wedding dress for the bride is an essential detail but remember to have fun. This day is just the first day of your life with your spouse. Take the time to enjoy it.

If you need someone to help you identify the items to check in your wedding contract, our team at City Hall Wedding can help. We want the day to be special for you and your loved one. Contact us with any questions!