12 Summer Wedding Colors To Consider For Your Wedding Décor

Your wedding will be a special day regardless of how it looks, but holding it at the right time of year and finding the perfect color scheme to match the season can elevate it into the beautiful spectacle you deserve.

With its natural sunlight and comfortable temperatures, summer is the ideal time to host a wedding, but you’ll need the perfect summer wedding colors to match it. Our exceptional guide to city hall weddings in New York will help you plan the essential details of your wedding, but here, we’ll look at some popular aesthetic choices you can follow to make it a day to remember.

summer wedding color scheme

Blue and White

White is the quintessential wedding color and will always fit in a marriage venue, but it’s also a great shade to throw into a summer palette regardless of its reputation. White’s simplicity and softness complement any venue and theme nicely, while blue as a primary color adds a refreshing cool shade during a hot summer day.

White, Green, and Pink

There isn’t much that white clashes with, but there might not be a color combo that fits it better than green and pink. Pink has a brightness and warmth that go well with white’s delicate softness, while green brings a calming, natural aesthetic to your indoor or outdoor wedding that contrasts the white and pink shades, helping them stand out.

Another benefit of white, green, and pink summer wedding colors is that it’s easy to find floral arrangements in this palette.


Not every summer color needs its perfect pairing, and violet is so strong that it works well as a primary color with any secondary option or without one.

Violet makes an excellent fit for summer weddings for its elegance, cool undertone, and match with natural summer attractions. Additionally, since violet shares its name with a flower, you can easily work it into your floral arrangements and wedding bouquet.

Orange and Blue

Orange and blue aren’t the first summer wedding colors that come to wedding planners’ minds, but their natural contrast makes them an ideal fit for summer weddings. The calming softness of blue brings feelings of tranquility to the season, while orange matches the warmth and energy of the summer weather.

Blue and orange work well as primary colors, but turning them into accents and opting for white as your main color can make your wedding palette less harsh and more classic.


Wedding color schemes don’t have to be limited to a handful of colors. Summer weddings often benefit from extravagant planners who bring a multi-color palette to their big day.

Shades of red, blue, orange, pink, and any other vibrant color you get your hands on can spice up the traditional wedding schemes that some spouses-to-be might find dull. Additionally, getting these colors in pastel shades will match the summer weather well and make your rainbow scheme a hit.

Yellow and Green

Like orange and blue, yellow and green are summer wedding colors that most people don’t think about but work well in practice. Deep shades of green have a forest-like aesthetic that fits natural themes nicely while bringing a cool tone to a warm day. Meanwhile, vibrant yellow complements outdoorsy forest green and adds a splash of sunlight to indoor wedding venues.

Peach and a Neutral Tone

Peach is a staple summer wedding color. It’s warm, elegant, and, when you complement it with a neutral tone like white or gray, a perfect way to capture the brightness and energy of the summer season.

Black and Pastel

Though it might not scream “summer,” black is an always-elegant color that pops beautifully against the bright tones of pastel furniture and warm weather-themed wedding venues. Additionally, when you hold your wedding inside city hall, you won’t have to worry about your black clothes or furniture attracting the sun’s heat.

Cinnamon, White, and Light Red Shades

Red in any shade makes a perfect fit for summer weddings, but combining dark red tones like cinnamon with light ones like pink can give your wedding an elegant contrast that fits well with the season. Pink has warmth and softness that match the energy of a summer wedding venue, while cinnamon gives off similar tranquility as dark green yet maintains some of that warmth.

Adding white as a complement to the competing shades of red will balance out the intensity with neutral softness.

Sage and Gray

Sage is quickly becoming one of the most popular wedding colors and works exceptionally well in summer settings. Sage’s soft green undertone fits all floral arrangements and complements natural wedding themes. Additionally, gray accents make the sage pop while adding unique elegance to the venue.


Terracotta works well as a summer wedding color for its warmth and simplicity. It’s a unique color that fits several natural themes, from desert to forest, and it’s easy to complement with any neutral tone, so you won’t have any trouble building a diverse wedding color palette with it.


Teal is on the rise as one of the best summer wedding colors for its vibrance and natural appeal. Teal is a shade of blue and possesses the same calming energy we discussed earlier. However, teal is a bit brighter than most blue shades and evokes images of clear waters and cloudless skies when you incorporate it into your summer wedding venue.

Choosing the perfect summer wedding colors isn’t as easy as it sounds, so finding an exciting color scheme you love is essential. Shopping around takes time, especially when you have so many other aspects of the wedding to prepare.

If you want something that matches the spirit of your big day, our team at City Hall Wedding can help you build the perfect summer wedding colors.

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