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Would you like to keep things simple, straightforward and elegant for your Atlanta wedding day? Then we recommend considering a civil ceremony in Atlanta. There are multiple options available, whether on the City Hall rooftop, or at a location of your choice – officiated by one of Fulton County’s judges or magistrates.Atlanta City Hall


City Hall Wedding Quick Facts:

  1. Make reservations for a group shindig.  If you want an event-style wedding, you need to book it and pay. Visit the website for more details. Rental prices range from $1500 for the Old Council Chambers, to $3500 for the gorgeous City Hall Atrium that seats 250. For more information, contact the Office of Facilities Management at (404) 330-6582.
  2. Marriage Licenses Cost $56. An official Fulton County marriage license is required and costs $56 (less if you successfully complete a special course, info on that below). Both parties must be present with a valid I.D. to obtain a marriage license.
  3. Judges perform weddings by appointment only. If you aren’t reserving a public space for a wedding/reception, you’ll be getting married in a judge’s chamber. Off-hours or off-site, judges and magistrates charge their own fee and you will have to contact them independently using the numbers on the Wedding Ceremonies By Appointment page.
  4. A Certified Marriage Certificate can be picked up or mailed to you. You will need to pay an addition $10 per copy of your recorded marriage certificate. These can be picked up once you’ve completed the ceremony and returned the license with the required signatures. They are typically ready for pick-up 10 to 14 business days after you submit the finalized license. If you live out of town, or out of country, and would like copy/copies mailed to you, you must provide the clerk with a self-addressed, stamped envelope with adequate postage.

Civil Wedding Ceremony Options in Atlanta

If you’re planning to have a civil marriage ceremony in Atlanta, you’ll need to obtain a marriage license (more on that below) and then schedule an appointment with a judge or magistrate. You have several options, depending on the type of wedding you would like to have.

In the Judge’s Chambers. Atlanta is located in Fulton County Georgia and there are over a dozen judges and magistrates who perform civil marriages. Visit the Wedding Ceremonies by Appointment Page to read more about your options. Some of the judges are willing to do off-site ceremonies while others prefer to officiate the ceremony by appointment in their office.

On the Roof Top. Note: As of this 7/27/2016 update, the City Hall rooftop is not available. They are currently working on restoring it to its former glory and it will be out of commission until then. If this was your top choice, we recommend looking into the City Hall Atrium option, which is a lovely spot for a wedding and reception.

Atlanta’s City Hall was completed in 1930 and is considered a historical building. In 2003, however, this historic building got a very modern update when a sustainable, green rooftop was installed on the rooftop – now considered the fifth floor.

The rooftop is a unique and special place to host your wedding, complete with a spectacular view of Atlanta for the bridal party and guests. In fact, it was even chosen as one of the seven most wedding-worthy city halls by

Due to weight restrictions, wedding parties are limited to a specific number of guests. You can read more on the City Hall Green Roof website.

An historical courthouse. If you were hoping for a more picturesque courthouse wedding, consider using Historic DeKalb Courthouse, located in Decatur – which is only minutes outside the Atlanta city boundaries. Visit The DeKalb History Center website to learn more about the venue, where a Fulton County judge or magistrate willing to perform off-site weddings can be reserved to do the honors.


First Things First – Obtain Your Fulton County Marriage License

If you and/or your partner are Georgia residents, obtain your marriage license in your home county for use anywhere in the state. If neither you nor your fiancée are Georgia residents, and you want to get married in Atlanta, you will need to obtain a marriage license in Fulton County.

Both parties must be present in order to obtain a marriage license. You can apply for and obtain a marriage license at one of three Fulton County Locations:

  1. Fulton County Probate Court, 136 Pryor Street, Suite C-230, Atlanta, Georgia 30303 (404) 613-4583 or (404) 612-4640
  2. North Service Center, 7741 Roswell Road, Suite 225, Atlanta, Georgia 30350 (404) 613-7638
  3. South Service Center, 5600 Stonewall Tell Road, Suite 218, College Park, Georgia 30349 (404) 612-3048

You will need:

  • Both of you are required to show a current and valid, government issued I.D. such as a Driver’s License, Passport or Birth Certificate (Documents not in English must be accompanied by certified English translation).
  • To be single or divorced. If you have been married in the past, you will need to know your exact, legal and finalized divorce date and it must have been at least 30-days since the divorce was finalized. If your spouse passed away, the courts will need to know the legal date of death.
  • Cash or money order. The fee for a Fulton County marriage license is typically $56, payable by cash or money order only. You can have $40 of this fee waived (bringing the cost to $16) if you complete a a qualifying premarital education program. A certificate of completion of a qualifying premarital education program in accordance with Code Section 19-3-30.1. Depending on your circumstances, you may also be required to pay additional fees.

Visit Fulton County’s Marriage License page for more information.

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