Unique Groom Suits for City Hall Wedding

Your wedding day represents one of the most important days of your life, so you and your partner should dress to the nines. However, many brides and grooms feel stuck with traditional bridal gowns and plain groom suits. However, you can find many options for unique groom suits to have you looking your best for your stunning city hall marriage in San Francisco.

1. Peaches and Pinks

Not everyone considers pink a wedding color, but who says it can’t be? Hues of coral, peach, or pink would make for unique groom suits. Brown shoes can pair well with the pink suit as the focal point and other contrasting colors for the tie or waistcoat.

Salmon suits make a stylish option, but if you aren’t ready to commit to these colors, you can opt for a pink handkerchief, bow, shirt, or tie. Summer or spring weddings with a pastel theme may fit well with various shades of pink.

2. Crisp and Casual Chambray

A stunning chambray suit looks just the right amount of classy and casual when utilized with navy or other shades of blue. You can dress up or down any groom’s look to be as formal or informal as you like. Have your groom look and feel their best in this chic color.

3. Burgundy or Wine-Colored

The vibrant wine-colored suit or a rich burgundy is one that all grooms should consider. This shade serves as a true showstopper and may rival the bride’s dress for elegance. Burgundy also makes a phenomenal color choice for a fall or winter wedding.

4. Simple Groom, Colorful Groomsmen

The groom’s wedding party will be full of stunners in colorful suits. The groom will stand apart by choosing a gray or gorgeous charcoal-colored suit. The colors of the groom’s outfit will play off the groomsmen, making the most important man of the day recognizable.

5. Suits with No Tie or Bow

Every groom differs, so their wedding day outfits should be too. A groom may want more emphasis on their dress shirt or suit, picking a statement color or a simple one. Some men choose suspenders instead of a bow or traditional tie, while others wear no neckwear.

6. Playful Neckwear Patterns

Many unique groom suits stand apart because each has a specific element of their look that draws your attention. The focal point and option for boldness could involve fun or patterned neckwear, such as plaid, stripes, seersucker, dots, checkered, and more. It also helps add a fun secondary or tertiary color to any groom’s outfit.

7. Plaid or Checked Suit

Plaids and checks are growing in popularity for groom suits, and an oversized print is also a favorite. Great colors for plaids and checks include dark greens, shades of blue and brown, black, gray, red, and even purple. Grooms can even have their suits custom-made if they find the right designer.

8. Pastel or Soft Blue Suit

Any shade of blue in a groom’s suit brings out masculinity and classiness. Try to utilize shades of blue that complement the groom’s appearance, such as ones that emphasize their eye, hair, or skin color. Soft blues and pastels make fabulous color choices for a blue and white or winter-themed wedding, mimicking the frostiness of the season.

9. Forest or Emerald Green Suit

A groom can never go wrong with a show-stopping forest green or emerald green suit.

10. Groom Suit with a Kilt

Scottish grooms can honor their heritage by wearing a kilt with their wedding look. Tartan is a lovely pattern that can accent or become the focal of the groom’s outfit. Colors that work well with this theme include cranberry or rich red, navy, emerald green, or black.

11. Color Contrasting with Your Partner

A groom’s partner, bride or groom, can look like the perfect pair when their outfits incorporate the same color scheme. For example, one groom may have a tan suit with a black tie, while their groom has a black suit with a tan tie. A bride’s dress could also be a non-traditional color or have colors in her look found in the groom’s suit.

The possibilities with contrasting colors seem endless, but make sure you find colors that work well together!

12. Stylish Velvet Suit

Velvet remains a trendy material in all areas of fashion, so why not on a groom’s suit? It also will photograph well and leave your guests in awe.

13. Preppy Casual

The preppy casual look for a fashion groom might include a bow tie, suspenders, or even some clean white sneakers. Some grooms opt to wear a handkerchief in their back pocket instead of having a front pocket square. Sunglasses or prescription glasses add some extra flare!

14. Gold or Silver Elements

Some may think gold and silver make bold choices, but they can look stunning on a groom’s suit. Grooms could wear gold shoes or silver ties.

15. Florals

Grooms can tastefully pair a floral tie with a dark blue suit, or the suit jacket can stand out with a floral pattern. The dress shirt or the pocket handkerchief could include this pattern. It all depends on the groom’s choice and personal style.

16. Monochrome Black

One of the most stylish and unique groom suits includes a completely black look. This wedding style is not only timeless but also adds a fun spin to the black-and-white groom look. Choose the groom’s entire suit, dress shirt, tie, and shoes in all the same or similar shades of beautiful black.

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