5 Top Reception Ideas After Your Courthouse Wedding

Couples decide on a courthouse wedding for a variety of reasons. Some people aren’t religious and prefer to avoid weddings in a large church. Courthouse weddings can also help you save money on the ceremony itself.

You can make the day special by considering reception ideas after a courthouse wedding. Learn more about city hall weddings and your options for the party afterward with our team at City Hall Wedding.

#1: Rent the Local Community Center

Most cities around the country have a community center or even a dance hall. You can usually rent these spaces, giving you plenty of room for dancing, eating, and partying on your wedding day. Saving money on your wedding costs allows you to put more into your reception by:

  • Hiring a DJ
  • Bringing in a band
  • Using the space for a photo booth
  • Working with caterers

Your local community center may provide plenty of room for all your friends and family, and the costs to rent these facilities are relatively low.

#2: Spend the Evening in Your Favorite Bar

Reception ideas after a courthouse wedding can maintain the casual atmosphere of the ceremony. Do you have a particular bar you like to frequent in town? Why not find out whether they have a back room that you could rent for the evening, allowing you to spend some time with your friends and family.

In some cases, the bar owner may even close down the rest of the bar for the wedding party! Discuss all of your options before the wedding so you know what possibilities you have before the big day.

Many bars also allow you to bring your own decorations—and a cake!—if you contact them ahead of time. A city hall wedding doesn’t have to limit your celebrations. You can save money, avoid an overly complicated ceremony, and still have a meaningful time.

#3: Reserve a Room at a Restaurant

Do you want to go somewhere fancy for your wedding reception? You could consider a local restaurant that you love or somewhere you’ve always wanted to try. Often, you can reserve plenty of space at restaurants with the money you saved by setting up a courthouse wedding.

You may want to schedule a reception well in advance to make sure that you have the space. Some restaurants offer outdoor seating areas where you can spread out and enjoy your party, while others only have indoor banquet rooms.

Selecting a restaurant for your reception choice can make meal choices easy, as well. You don’t have to worry about catering if you go to a restaurant. Instead, you can either set a specific menu for your guests to pick from or allow them to order off the whole menu.

Make sure you discuss how you want the bills to work with restaurant staff before the reception. Do you want to cover a drink or two for each guest before they have to pay for their own? Would you like to handle gratuity or split the bills?

Figuring out the answers to these questions before your reception can help everything go smoothly on your wedding day.

#4: Visit a Lovely Local Spot

You know the nicest places in your local area the best. You may be surprised by how many of those places cater to wedding receptions, especially for courthouse weddings. Depending on the venues around your area, you could consider renting space at a:


Wineries come with several benefits as wedding reception venues. For one thing, you won’t have to spend any time worrying about the stock at the bar. A wedding reception at a winery often allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

You can generally decide on the types of wine served at this kind of reception. You could even stop by for a tasting before the ceremony to give you an idea of exactly what you want to be served at your reception. Some wineries offer food service, as well, so you may want to take that into consideration when making your choice.

Botanical Garden

Your friends and family members can celebrate your big day surrounded by nature at a botanical garden. Botanical gardens often feature winding trails, beautiful features like fountains, and of course, lush blooming flowers.

The natural beauty of a botanical garden provides many opportunities for great reception photos. You can also take your shoes off and enjoy the cool grass at some of these gardens, allowing you to relax after your courthouse wedding.


Are you interested in a more rustic setting for your wedding reception? Many farms around the area open up their property for receptions and even services for a wedding or vow renewal. Depending on the farm, you may have access to fields, barn buildings, or even animals.

Note that most farms are privately owned, so they don’t all offer the same amenities. You can call around to local farms to review all your options before deciding on the location of your reception.

#5: Head to the Beach

Are you having your city hall marriage in the summer or autumn? Why not rent a beach house if you live relatively close to the shore? After your ceremony, the wedding party can head down to the shore to play in the waves, enjoy the sun, and keep cool with a few beers.

Beach receptions give you lots of options to have fun in the sand. You can set up a volleyball net, go for a swim, or even show off a white bathing suit for your wedding day!

Go Over Ideas for Your Reception After a City Hall Marriage

Are you planning a New York city hall marriage? Considering reception ideas after a courthouse wedding is just as important as looking through wedding dresses and deciding on your guest list. A fun venue will stick in your guest’s memories for years to come and add the finishing touches to your day. Learn more with City Hall Wedding.