10 Summer Wedding Tips to Ensure Comfort Despite the Hot Weather

Summer is the most coveted time of year to have a wedding. Not only is warm weather almost guaranteed, but longer days and the ability to wear sleeveless dresses make summer a fantastic time of year to marry.

However, summer comes with its own set of problems, such as sudden showers, unbearable midday heat, and bugs. If you decide to marry during the summer, you must prepare for the challenges this season can bring.

Bracing for disaster will help you rest assured that your nuptials will run smoothly no matter what happens. Here are our top summer wedding tips to help you plan.

1.   Order a Seasonal Menu

Everyone knows that certain foods are better for different seasons. Just like pumpkin spice is best in the fall, lighter meats and cool desserts are best for the summer. Be sure to work with your caterers or venue to plan a summery menu with foods that are both light and in season.

You should consider an appetizer that is easy to digest, such as gazpacho, salad, or bruschetta. For the main course, lean meats like salmon or chicken are best.

Think about serving cold fruit as a side dish and ice cream or popsicles for dessert. Also, make sure that you have cold storage for fruit and ice cream. These items will not keep in a cooler for an entire day.

As for the bar, offer your guests frozen cocktails such as mojitos or pina coladas.

Lastly, check that your cake is ready for the heat. Buttercream can melt at high temperatures, so keep it in the fridge for as long as possible. You can also request a yummy alternative from your baker.

2.   Plan for Hardy Decor

We want to emphasize fresh decor such as flowers and plants in this section. Certain blooms like gardenias wither in the heat.

Therefore, choose plants that can withstand hot temperatures. For instance, you can select tropical flowers and leafy greenery for centerpieces and other floral decor.

If you decide on delicate flowers for your bouquet, take good care of them. Fill out the extra space with hardy plants. When you don’t need it, leave your bouquet in a vase with cold water in the shade.

3.   Find a Plan B Venue Just in Case

Summer is notorious for random downpours. Rent a tent for your wedding day and set up the ceremony or reception underneath it if the weather goes south. Alternatively, make sure that your venue has a backup indoor space just in case.

4.   Prepare for Every Kind of Weather

Tents not only work well amid sudden downpours, but they can also provide much-needed shade for your guests. You must find ways to keep your guests cool during a summer wedding. You could also provide small complementary accessories, such as sunglasses or fans, to keep your guests cool.

5.   Choose Wedding Clothes Suitable for Hot Temperatures

When choosing your dress, make sure that you opt for a flowy style with breathable fabric. Chiffon, cotton, silk, and Merino wool are great options for summer wedding dresses. You should also consider a post-ceremony look for maximum comfort during the reception.

Gentlemen should stick to the same fabrics. Choose a suit that flatters your figure but is not too tight. Otherwise, the fabric will stick to your skin and become uncomfortable throughout the day.

6.   Encourage a Summery Dress Code

Be nice to your bridesmaids and groomsmen by choosing light colors and suggesting breathable outfits. If you decide to require a dress code, make sure that guests can easily comply with it in comfortable summer attire.

7.   Wear and Provide Sunscreen

Do not make the mistake of getting sunburnt on your wedding day. Put on sunscreen before the ceremony if you plan to be in direct sunlight. Furthermore, many foundations have SPF, so you won’t have to wear thick, greasy sunblock on your face and neck.

You should also consider providing sunscreen for your guests (or at least strongly suggesting that they bring it themselves). You could also easily make sunscreen one of your party favors.

8.   Plan Ahead for the Evening Pests

Summer weddings typically come with pesky insects. Though you might encounter some bugs during the day, pests tend to proliferate at night. Be sure to wear, provide, and/or encourage bug spray.

You can also set up netting or take the party indoors if the bugs get too bad. Consider buying citronella candles to place at tables and/or around the perimeter of your reception.

9.   Consider an Indoor Ceremony or Reception

One of the most obvious summer wedding tips is to simply bring the party inside. It’s true that most people use this time of year to embrace the great outdoors. However, you can design indoor and outdoor festivities to get the best of both worlds.

Having an outdoor ceremony provides high-quality lighting for beautiful photography and videography. Yet, the ceremony will likely take place during one of the hottest parts of the day. So, you may want to consider holding a simple indoor ceremony, then a lavish outdoor reception.

Consult this guide to city hall weddings in New York for excellent advice on how to hold indoor ceremonies.

10.  Avoid Plans during Midday Heat

Finally, try to keep your guests comfortable during the hottest part of the day. Plan for a ceremony that either takes place inside or outside in the late afternoon hours. That way, you miss the heat and still get to enjoy your outdoor celebration.

Now that you’ve learned our foolproof summer wedding tips, let the outdoor wedding celebration begin!

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