7 Important Things to Know Before Getting Married

Getting married represents a major step in your life. Marriage ties people together, allowing them to stand as one and support each other through thick and thin. However, there are important things to know before getting married.

Understanding the person you want to marry—and your compatibility—can help you make a decision that enriches your life for years to come. City Hall Wedding invites you to consider the following points.

#1: Your Honeymoon Phase Won’t Last Forever

Romantic feelings can make it seem like you’re on top of the world. Your body releases certain hormones when you first fall in love with someone, increasing your focus on your partner, boosting your heart rate, and making every moment feel exciting.

However, the levels of these hormones begin to drop after a while, usually in less than a year. The drop in hormones doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll fall out of love, but it does mean that your body’s physical reaction to your partner may change.

#2: You and Your Partner May Be Compatible but not the “Same”

Many partners see a lot of themselves in each other, especially early in the relationship. You may feel like your fiancé is almost exactly like you! However, after you move in together or start enjoying married life, you’ll notice more and more things that they do differently. It’s normal to expect different:

  • Routines
  • Tolerances
  • Priorities
  • Habits
  • Opinions

There’s nothing wrong with having a long and loving relationship with someone who has differences that set them apart from you. People with some differences often complement each other. But you should consider the extent of these differences to make sure you’re still compatible.

Compatible couples have similar values and beliefs, even if they do not have the same outlook. They can have fun and act spontaneously while finding each other attractive. And, finally, compatible couples respect each other’s intelligence and feel able to solve problems together.

#3: Love Represents a Key to Successful Marriages

People get married for lots of different reasons. Sometimes, people get married because they feel like they have to or because it’s what their families want. Individuals who get married for love, instead, have a higher rate of sticking together. Happy couples often:

  • Go on regular dates
  • Do things together (like work out)
  • Hold hands and have frequent sex

Before tying the knot, it’s useful to consider how much time you spend with your partner, what you do during that time, and how you feel while you’re around each other. Think about how you might feel living the rest of your life doing the same things with the same person after your big day.

#4: Age Matters for Your Marriage

You can fall in love at any age, it’s true. However, studies performed by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro revealed that waiting a few years can reduce the odds of getting divorced later.

Individuals who wait until they reach the age of 23 to get married have a statistically lower chance of getting a divorce, possibly because they know more about what they want from themselves, their partners, and their lives.

However, even if you wait until your 20s, make sure you keep in mind that people continue to change throughout their lives. As you get older, you may develop different hobbies, habits, tastes, and opinions. Eventually, these changes may move you further from your spouse if you two cannot adapt.

#5: Money Can Strain Your Marriage

They say money is the root of all evil, and for a newly married couple, it can certainly represent a point of contention. The amount of money in your bank accounts can become a sticking point as you decide how to merge your finances.

Some couples keep their finances separate after they get married, while others blend all their resources. There’s no right or wrong decision about how you handle your money, but it is one of the things to know before getting married.

We understand that many couples end up feeling stressed and arguing over the costs of a wedding. You can mitigate this kind of stress somewhat by considering cheap wedding venues. You can even avoid a large marriage ceremony if you want, focusing instead on a wedding at a courthouse or city hall.

#6: Beliefs About Social Media Can Impact a Relationship

These days, it can feel like everyone has five different social media accounts, each one demanding their attention. The use of social media can easily lead to some significant arguments, which makes it a valuable subject to discuss before you tie the knot.

The experts recommend that you try to handle social media responsibly. For example, you may not want to follow any of your exes. You should also avoid social media while talking to your partner or during a date night.

You can set firm boundaries about social media use in your relationship before you get married to prevent many future arguments. If you and your partner have wildly different views about the acceptable uses of social media, it’s something you should consider before saying your vows.

#7: Your Communication Styles Matter

Most of us acknowledge that communication plays a pivotal role in any relationship. However, good communication goes beyond having conversations about work, the show you’re watching, or your hobbies.

People have different styles of communication, and these styles don’t always work compatibly. Think about how easily you and your partner understand each other and consider your options to improve communication if you feel like you have difficulties understanding each other before you get married.

Learn More Things to Know Before You Get Married

You have many things to know before getting married. You can discuss these subjects openly and honestly with your partner to make sure both of you are on the same page before setting up a marriage ceremony in Los Angeles, California. Our team at City Hall Wedding can help you reduce the stress associated with planning your ceremony.