8 Tasks to Delegate on Your Wedding Day

Your big wedding day is here! You are excited, but there’s still so much to do. Weddings are massive undertakings to organize and prepare for, even if you are making things as simple as possible.


A woman writing a wedding checklist on a clipboard.

Wait! Slow Down and Take a Breath

Before things really get going, take a moment. Between getting ready, greeting the guests, and practicing your vows (don’t mess them up!), you won’t have time to handle every detail that comes up.

With that in mind, the team at City Hall Wedding is here with this quick guide on which tasks to delegate on your wedding day. You can also learn more about scheduling a city hall marriage in San Francisco when you contact us online!

Now, Check Off These Eight Ways to Make Your Big Day Easier By Delegating Tasks

#1 Handle Payments

You’ve probably hired a bunch of people for your wedding, from caterers and bartenders to ushers and a DJ. Experts recommend paying vendors in full before the actual day of the wedding. However, we understand that’s not always possible.

To save you the trouble, why not delegate these payments to your maid of honor, best man, wedding planner, or another trustworthy guest? That way, you can focus on enjoying your wedding day while another person pays the workers behind the scenes.

#2 Do Deliveries and Pickups

You probably have a lot of pickups and deliveries to make on your big day, including flowers, food, outfits, and decorations. You won’t have time to deal with all these small errands, so ask a friend to do it for you. Smaller tasks you can delegate include the following:

  • Picking up guests from the airport
  • Delivering or picking up flowers, drinks, signs, etc.
  • Picking up suits and dresses

Make sure you pick someone who is punctual and reliable to handle particularly important pickups, like food or wedding clothing. Also, make sure you have specific addresses and pickup times for all the deliveries so that everyone knows where they need to go and when they need to get there.

#3 Meet Vendors

On the day of your wedding, lots of people pop in and out of your venue, including the guests, planners, venue staff, and many others. When your vendors start arriving, they need to know where to go and where to set up their equipment. Consider delegating the task of meeting with vendors to a friend.

Vendors that will need guidance include the following:

  • Caterers
  • Bartenders
  • Musicians
  • Wedding photographer
  • DJs
  • Ushers
  • Minister

These vendors need time to set up and get to where they’re supposed to be. You don’t want the band to set up in the wrong spot or the caterers to serve the wrong room.

#4 Check Decorations

You have tons of plans for decorating the tables and dance floors, but there’s no time to do it all yourself. Consider asking a friend to check that all decorations and fixtures are in the right place. Smaller decorations you can have someone check on include tablecloths, flower arrangement placements, dinner seat placards, and balloons.

It can also be useful to ask multiple people to help with decorations. Why not turn it into a fun little pre-event so that everything is ready to go by the time the ceremony starts?

#5 Create a Playlist

You probably have some ideas for tunes to play during your wedding, but do you have the time to create a complete playlist? Music can completely set the tone of your wedding, so consider asking a friend to put together that list for you. Make sure it’s a friend that knows what kind of music you like and which songs are your favorite.

If you want, you can ask guests to send in their favorite songs when they RSVP for a giant list to pull from for the ceremony and reception.

#6 Entertain Children

Unless you expressly ask them not to, some of your guests will probably bring their children. Younger guests bring a truckload of energy and fun to weddings. However, it can be difficult to manage them while guests are arriving and you are still trying to settle those last-minute details.

If possible, try asking some friends if they can corral and entertain any children and keep them occupied and out of the way. Popular activities for kids include games, music, and more.

#7 Clean Up

Another one of the tasks to delegate on your wedding day is the final cleanup. Your venue probably has staff to clean after events, but you shouldn’t leave everything in a complete mess. After the ceremony and reception, see if you can get some people to help clear out the room, whether that’s helping to move chairs and small decorations or doing something that helps the venue’s staff have a slightly easier time cleaning up.

#8 Make Event Updates

Even if you plan everything to the last detail, you may still have something going wrong and need to change things up. For example, you might want to consider picking someone to be in charge of making online event updates in case times need to change. In that case, it’s best to put someone trustworthy in charge so they can update times based on what is going on in real time.

Don’t Forget About Moral Support

Not all wedding day duties have to be something scheduled or technical; sometimes, you just need someone around for support. Getting married is a big deal, so reach out to your loved ones on your special day for advice and inspiration. You can also have someone around to chat with and vent your feelings while you get ready—it helps with those big nerves that creep up on the day.

Having a friend at your side can help keep you comfortable and relaxed. It’s also helpful to have someone on hand as a sounding board while thinking about other tasks to delegate on your wedding day.

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