What Does a Best Man Do at a Wedding?

Many recognize the best man as the groom’s honorable guest at his wedding, but the best man also serves as the groom’s assistant throughout the wedding process. In addition to managing the bachelor party and other groomsmen, many wonder, “What does a best man do at a wedding?”

There are many more tasks a best man does at a wedding. Whether he’s the brother, cousin, a friend of the groom, or someone else, he’ll provide moral support, keep things organized, witness the marriage license signing, and more.

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Things a Best Man Does at a Wedding

Attends and Plans Pre-Wedding Engagements

Before the wedding, the best man attends the engagement party, the wedding ceremony rehearsal, and the rehearsal dinner. Attending the latter two ensures everything goes smoothly at the official ceremony and reception. The best man discusses plans with all attendees, including the groomsmen, the groom, the bride, the maid of honor, and any other notable individuals.

The best man often plans and pays for the bachelor party with the other groomsmen. They’ll also coordinate tuxedo rentals and other attire.

Helps Maintain the Schedule

The primary task regarding “What does a best man do at a wedding?” is maintaining the schedule and ensuring everything goes smoothly on the wedding day. Often, he’ll work with the wedding coordinator and planner to facilitate the process. The best man keeps attendees in line, ensures everyone has the proper attire, and assists with other tasks as necessary.

He’ll also provide moral support and planning assistance to the groom before the ceremony. Between scheduling transportation for a honeymoon, maintaining an upbeat attitude, and helping him prepare for the final ceremony, the best man keeps things organized.

Dresses with the Groomsmen and Groom

The best man dresses with the groomsmen and groom before the wedding and ensures all groomsmen have boutonnieres if applicable. The grooms or groomsmen can come to the best man with attire issues and resolve them before the ceremony.

Considering the day is especially notable for the groom, the best man will typically bring gifts or other distractions to calm the groom’s nerves and ensure everyone stays in the best mood possible.

Organizes Transportation for Groomsmen to the Venue

Another vital part of the answer to “What does a best man do at a wedding?” includes transportation. After dressing, the best man also schedules and organizes transportation for the groom and groomsmen to the wedding ceremony venue.

Whether via an Uber, rented vehicle, or his own, it’s necessary to get all groomsmen to the venue safely and quickly. Doing so helps ensure all groomsmen are on time and can be in the proper positions for photography and the ceremony well before guests arrive.

Stands by the Groom During the Ceremony

Another main task people think of when asked, “What does a best man do at a wedding?” is standing next to the groom during the wedding ceremony. The best man’s position next to the groom shows his support and importance in his life.

The best man will also hold the wedding rings if there’s no ring bearer. He’ll keep them in his jacket pocket until the ceremony and pass them to the groom at the appropriate time.

Signs the Marriage License

A signed marriage license officially means a marriage is final. When signing the marriage license, a witness is necessary for both the bride and groom, and it’s most common for the best man and maid of honor to be these witnesses.

After the bride and groom sign the marriage license, the best man and maid of honor sign it as witnesses. Whether this event occurs before or after the official ceremony, it’s necessary to confirm the legal union of the two individuals.

Pays the Wedding Officiant

The wedding officiant is a crucial figure in a wedding. The bride and groom are often busy right after the ceremony and may task the best man with giving the payment to the wedding officiant. Not all best men perform this task, as some couples arrange payment before the wedding or handle it themselves.

Appears in Photographs

A wedding is a memorable event that everyone should be a part of, especially the best man. Another answer to “What does a best man do at a wedding?” is to be in pictures.

Many couples schedule a photographer to take candid shots and portraits before the wedding ceremony, during it, and at the reception. The best man brings his smile and poses in pictures with other wedding attendees.

Hosts the Wedding Reception

The best man also hosts the wedding reception. He stands next to the bride in the receiving line after entering with the maid of honor, whom he’ll typically dance with at some point during the wedding party. He’ll make a speech in honor of the married couple and can answer questions regarding the reception’s timeline and other essential information.

As the best man supports the groom, he’ll also ensure the groom gets enough to eat and drink. He may also help decorate the couple’s getaway car with the groomsmen if they choose not to hire a driver.

Whether you or your loved one is the best man of a wedding, it’s crucial to prepare adequately. From making sure everything is on schedule to managing groomsmen, the many stresses of a wedding are much for the groom to handle alone. These tips will help any best man streamline and facilitate the smoothest wedding process.

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