10 Bridal Shower Ideas for a Simple Celebration

One of the greatest parts about being a bride, aside from your wedding day, is having the opportunity to throw an amazing bridal shower! Yes, bridal showers are common American wedding traditions, but these celebrations are also a perfect time to get friends and family together before you take the next big step in your life.

Of course, planning a bridal shower is in itself a big task. So, if you aren’t sure about where to begin, the City Hall Wedding team shares some fun bridal shower ideas below.

Bridal Shower vs. Bachelorette Party: Is There a Difference?

The difference between a bridal shower and a bachelorette party is a point of confusion for many, but there’s a very simple difference:

  • Bridal showers are semi-formal events. The purpose here is gift-giving and more formally celebrating your upcoming life as a married couple.
  • Bachelorette parties are to help you unwind. The main idea is to allow the bride to relax with friends before getting into the serious business of tying the knot.

In general, bridal showers are more family-friendly, while bachelorette party ideas are more… let’s say, saucier. You could quite comfortably invite your future mother-in-law to the bridal shower and open gifts in front of her but it might be best not to invite her to the bachelorette party. Bridal showers also have a longer invitation list; bachelorette parties are just the bride’s closest friends.

10 Fantastic Ideas for a Bridal Shower That’s Just Right

Whether you’re getting married at a courthouse or somewhere else, here are some fun ideas to consider for a memorable bridal shower:

#1 Wine Tasting Launches the Event with A Hint at Sophistication and Elegance

What is a bridal shower without a little bit of wine to brighten the festivities? Schedule wine tasting around some kind of theme or location, either with one big event or a couple of stops throughout the day. If you aren’t keen on wine, why not do the same with some bubbly?

#2 Calligraphy Might Be Just the Level of Class Your Celebration Needs

Calligraphy is another fun and very tactile activity that virtually everyone can enjoy and practice. You can schedule calligraphy classes and create things like table placards, letters, and more. You can even use the class to get a head start on all those thank-you notes you’ll have to write after receiving gifts.

#3 Cooking Classes Bring Everyone Together in A Warm, Comfortable Setting

Doesn’t everyone love food? Make an activity out of making it with cooking classes in the city. They are a great way to connect with friends and learn something new.

Cooking classes are also highly interactive. You’ll also get to eat whatever it is you make at the end. Just keep it simple so that anyone can partake and enjoy the bonding time.

#4 Think Out of the Box and Spring a Coed Party

Who said that bridal showers have to be for only one gender? Brides often have close friends who aren’t girls. And a coed shower with all your friends and family can be a great time to connect.

One of the most adventurous bridal shower ideas is hosting a couple’s party for you and your soon-to-be spouse. Why not just turn it into a full-blown party and make the most of your time with friends and family?

#5 A BYOB Party Isn’t Just a College Thing

It can be frustrating to find the right bar for your event so that all your guests can get the drinks they like. Why not try a bring-your-own-booze party instead? Guests can bring their own beer, wine, liquor, and mixers to make cocktails and mixed drinks.

You can even make the theme of fun and creative drinks with whatever everyone brings (just be careful mixing those light and dark liquors!).

#6 Go Shopping, Get Happy

If you and your friends love to go shopping, think about hosting a private shopping event. Many businesses will let people rent out their stores for private events, where you can drink champagne and eat hors d’oeuvres while you chat and browse merchandise. Store owners might offer discounts and gifts too.

#7 Hire a Chef for Custom Meals and Satisfied Appetites

Do you just want to eat some good food? Hire a private chef to whip up delicious meals for you and your bridal shower guests. They’re more affordable than you might think and can make virtually any dish.

That way, you can focus on the activities rather than figuring out where to get food. Trust us, your shower guests will love having an attractive chef whip up some fancy ensembles just for them.

#8 Crafts Still Get People Excited

Bridal showers are great excuses for collective activities like arts and crafts. Give your guests a fun way to exercise creativity and make tangible party favors they can take home. Why not schedule a pottery or painting class or do pet paintings of people’s dogs, cats, lizards, and tarantulas?

#9 Have a Game Night, But Make Everyone a Winner

If you want to stoke a competitive spirit, base your bridal shower around games. Think up a few wedding shower games you can play on teams and create a small tournament, such as:

  • Couple’s Jeopardy
  • The Ring Game
  • Musical Bouquets
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Board Games

The victor wins a prize, and the losers still have a good time so that everyone wins!

#10 Take It Up a Notch and Make It a Charity Event

Traditionally, bridal shower guests bring gifts for the bride-to-be. But there’s no reason you can’t ask them to donate to something close to your heart. Host an event all around the fundraising so that guests can learn about the cause.

Doing it this way takes out the stress of buying gifts, lets people give back, and makes everyone feel great about the experience!

If you want more bridal shower ideas, read our blog to learn more about the differences between a bridal shower vs. bachelorette party. You can also get in touch with City Hall Wedding online or subscribe to our email list for wedding planning tips and assistance!