The Role of Maid of Honor: Practical Duties and Responsibilities

Congratulations on your position as a maid of honor! It’s a special privilege reserved for people the bride holds in high esteem.

So, what does the role of maid of honor entail? As the bride’s right-hand woman, you must know your practical duties and responsibilities to do a perfect job.

This guide will teach you your duties before and during the wedding day.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Maid of Honor Before the Wedding Day

Help the Bride with the Wedding Planning Process

As a maid of honor, you should expect the bride to ask for your help with different facets of the planning process. From putting the invitation together to choosing items on the menu, there’s no limit to the kind of help they’ll need.

You may also help with choosing the venue and other significant details. If the bride is considering a city hall marriage in San Francisco, this San Francisco city hall marriage walkthrough will help you guide her through the process.

Even when the bride hires a wedding planner, the maid of honor’s duties typically includes providing ideas, suggestions, and advice.

Attending the Wedding Dress Fittings and Shopping

Many brides prefer to have their maid of honor present during this shopping trip. You’re not the stylist or designer, but the bride will need a sounding board for the dress ideas. Some brides choose family members for the job, but where that’s not feasible, the maid of honor is the next candidate.

Organize the Bridal Train

The maid of honor is the contact person for all questions from members of the bridal train. You’ll manage the email thread and the group chats to discuss the wedding-related details with other bridal party members.

You’ll be responsible for ensuring every member of the bridal party orders their accessories and dresses on time and manage hair and makeup bookings. You may also need to take care of travel and accommodation for the entire crew.

Organize and Attend Pre-Wedding Events

The bridal shower and bachelorette party are significant pre-wedding events that need careful planning. With your closeness to the bride and understanding of their personality, you should help create a memorable event they will remember forever.

During the bridal party, the role of maid of honor demands that you take note of all the gifts received. The bride will need a list to pen thank-you notes.

Act as a Contact Person for Guests

The wedding website or invitation should contain answers to questions such as the venue’s address, the day’s color, the order of events, and more. However, some people may need additional assistance and will need someone to call. You’ll likely share this role with the best man, but you must be prepared in case you receive these calls.

Maid of Honor Responsibilities on the Wedding Day

Dressing with the Bride and Bridal Party

The maid of honor will play an essential role in the bridal suite, helping the bride and the bridal party look their best on the big day.

Serve as the Middle Man Between the Couple

The couple about to get married will exchange communication on the wedding day. With the phones usually out of sight, you’ll assume the role of messenger (again, alongside the best man). You may need to deliver gifts and love notes between the bride and groom. When you do, don’t forget to take note of the reaction!

Pack the Bride’s Emergency Kit

Minor emergencies can occur on the wedding day. One of the responsibilities of a maid of honor is to pack a wedding-day emergency kit filled with items that will come in handy throughout the day. These include Band-Aids, fashion tape, toiletries, safety pins, wipes, and facial touch-up kits.

Communicate with Vendors

The bride should not stress over last-minute details on her wedding day. Therefore, one of the maids of honor’s duties is to communicate with wedding vendors where necessary. In most cases, the venue coordinator and the wedding planner will be on top of any issues that may arise. Still, it’s your responsibility to ensure the bride remains insulated from any vendor-related conversations.

Keep the Bride Relaxed

If the bride looks a bit stressed on the day, it’s the maid of honor’s job to lighten the mood in whatever ways possible. From watching funny clips on social media to re-telling old funny experiences, you must do whatever is necessary to keep every train member happy and laughing.

Help Keep Things Moving

As the maid of honor, you must keep your eye on the clock. Are the bridesmaids more focused on chatting than on getting ready? Are they taking too long to retouch their makeup? Remind everyone of the wedding timeline and ensure they are where they need to be on schedule.

Serve as an Aide During the Wedding

Once the bride arrives at the altar, you must ensure her veil and dress look great and make any necessary adjustments before the ceremony resumes. You’ll also need to hold the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony—or request help from a member of the bridal train if possible.

Sign the Marriage License as a Witness

Immediately after the ceremony, the newlyweds and the officiant must sign the marriage license alongside two witnesses. The best man and maid of honor often take on the role of witnesses.

Partner with the Best Man During the Reception

As the wedding party members enter the reception, the maid of honor typically has to enter the venue with the best man. You can either walk-in or practice a dance routine. You should discuss the details ahead of time!

Now you know what the role of maid of honor entails. Do you have more questions?

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