Eight Ideas for the Perfect Customized Wedding Cake

In addition to custom wedding dresses, cakes  are a common element among American wedding traditions. In addition to being a delicious offering for you, your new spouse, and wedding attendees, the cake you choose may be the final element that completes your wedding reception. Customize a wedding cake to tie all elements together.

With so many stylistic options, you don’t have to opt for a traditional white cake or one that matches your wedding’s color scheme. Custom cakes are the perfect solution to make everyone happy at your wedding.

City Hall Weddings is your local expert on all things wedding-related, including cakes. Below, we offer several ideas for the perfect customized wedding cake. Check out our blog to get the best information regarding your special day.

1. Minimalistic Wedding Cake

The first wedding cakes were minimalistic, flat cakes. They’ve become taller and more extravagant over time. Consider going back to these origins to customize a wedding cake.

Minimalistic wedding cakes don’t take away from other elements of your wedding. If you want to keep the spotlight on you and your new spouse, consider a cake with a minimalistic design. You can use a traditional cake to offset flashier elements of your wedding.

Simple colors, few or no decorative pieces, and a single layer of cake are perfect for small, intimate weddings. Your costs for a wedding cake will also decrease with a smaller, simpler option.

2. Extravagant, Layered Cake

Layered cakes are the typical tradition for weddings. Many couples prefer to have an elegant-looking cake. Different-flavored cake tiers, customized cake toppers, decorations that tell the story of you and your new spouse’s relationship, and similar ideas are an excellent way to surprise guests and give your wedding a personalized touch while ensuring you have enough cake for everyone.

Opt for one such cake if you plan to have several guests. You’ll keep the crowd satisfied and have a cake that everyone will remember for years.

3. Theme-Matching Wedding Cake

A wedding cake that matches your color scheme or wedding theme is a great way to connect all elements of your wedding. You can customize a wedding cake with colored fondant, icing, and decorative elements representative of your wedding’s style, couple preferences, and wedding colors.

If your wedding colors are gold and white, opt for a gold and white cake, or find complementary colors that work well with your color scheme. We recommend discussing with your cake maker as they’ll have a keen eye for what colors look good together and how to make your color scheme cohesive with your cake.

4. Cake That Matches Your Wedding Venue Size

Large venues and attendee counts call for a cake that’s adequately proportionate. The last thing you want is for your cake to look too small when you want it to draw significant attention during your wedding reception.

Consult with your baker far ahead of your wedding to determine the proper size. Give them the dimensions of your venue and discuss your cake size requirements, including the number of tiers you wish to have and the cake’s diameter. Knowing how many people will be attending your wedding can also give them a good idea of how big to make your cake.

5. Multiple-Colored Wedding Cake

Colorful cakes are a popular trend for those looking to customize a wedding cake. Whether you want floral decorations of every color in the rainbow or colored icing, there’s an option for you.

Gradients are a top way to add color without being overly flashy. An ombre design that begins with white cake and slowly incorporates more color will catch eyes and balance the aesthetics. If you want to draw attention to your wedding cake, opt for many colors, flowers, and other artistic elements.

6. Artistic Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is a plain slate for creative designs. An artistic wedding cake allows you to add as few or as many dramatic elements as you wish. Whether you want several colors, a cake painted with scenes specific to you and your significant other’s relationship, a cake with several flowers, or another artistic design, this type of cake allows your personality to shine.

We recommend considering you customize your wedding cake with elements related to your location. For example, for those looking to wed in San Francisco, you may consider a cake with the Golden Gate Bridge on it.

7. Non-Dessert Wedding Cake

Not everyone has a sweet tooth. Others may have dietary restrictions that prevent them from enjoying a traditional wedding cake. Your cake doesn’t have to be made of sweets.

Customize your wedding cake by opting for a cake made out of layers of cheese wheels with meat decorations, other savory treats, or fruit. You’ll surprise guests with the untraditional option that doesn’t disappoint. A savory wedding cake can also reduce your budget as it decreases the need for appetizers and snacks.

8. Wedding Cake with Fruit

For those who customize wedding cake without as much sweetness, consider having a wedding cake with fruit on it. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, mango slices, and other fruit make the perfect addition and add natural sweetness or a slightly tart kick that offsets sugary icing. They also add the perfect amount of color for those not wanting to deviate from the traditional white wedding cake.

Health-conscious individuals will also appreciate this custom designs with fruit. Individuals with diabetes or those watching their weight can take solace in knowing they won’t have a hard sugar crash or put on too many extra pounds.

Whether you get a complimentary cake from your loved ones or order a wedding cake from a bakery, there are several worthwhile ideas to consider. Customize your wedding cake with the above ideas, or get personalized recommendations from our team at City Hall Weddings.

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