Cheap Oregon Wedding Venues

cheap oregon wedding venuesThere’s nothing more heartbreaking than settling on the Oregon wedding venue of your dreams and then finding out the price tag exceeds your wedding budget. On the flip side of that are the idealistic backyard weddings; these can seem like a cheap alternative, and then wind up being even more expensive than the previously crossed off Oregon wedding venues once you add up all the independent costs – tables, chairs, linens, catering, flowers, food, music, etc. etc.

The key is to find the very best Oregon wedding venues for the most affordable price, and we’ve compiled a list for you. Below, you’ll find recommendations at various price points. Simply scroll down to the one that meets your budget – and forego the options that are beyond your means.

Always remember: the wedding venue is a lovely side note, but family and friends want nothing more than to honor you, your love and your commitment. There’s no need to put on a fancy show (and a recent study shows the happiest marriages are the ones that spent the least on their wedding ceremony – no joke!)

Beautiful Oregon Wedding Venues for $10,000 or Less

Silver Falls Lodge

The Silver Falls Lodge and Conference Center is considered one of the most unique Oregon wedding venues. They offer a variety of ceremony and/or receptions options, ranging from indoor events in the 1940s Lodge, to rustic, outdoor wedding sites scattered around the extensive property.

Ceremony and reception options include a gazebo, a meadow, a bonfire courtyard with picnic tables and multiple dining halls, each with their own, unique features. Regardless of which site you choose, your wedding will have a rustic, outdoor feel with just the addition of comfortable modern touches.

Another bonus? Some of the venues accommodate fewer guests than others, ideal for limiting the guest list (always a serious struggle if you’re not going to über-small route); “We were so sorry we couldn’t invite you, but the venue had limited occupancy…“

The Griffin House on the Columbia River Gorge

The Griffin House is a stunning place to tie the knot and makes a wonderful destination spot for family and friends flying in from around the country. First-timers will say, “Hello, majestic beauty!” while you say, “Hello reasonable price tag!”

Griffin House rental fees range from $1500 to $7500. Indoor venues can only seat about 45 people, while outdoor options can accommodate up to 200.

Hilton Portland Executive Tower

Did you start to sneeze just thinking of an outdoor wedding? Already stressing about dirt stains on the hem of your wedding dress? No worries. Outdoor, rustic weddings may be trendy right now, but they’re not for everyone. In that case, we offer you the Hilton Portland’s Executive Tower.

Those of you who have huge families and oodles of friends can send invites to your heart’s content because maximum occupancy runs up to 500+. You gain a swanky location right in downtown, and out-of-town guests can stay right at the site. Hilton’s event planners are also happy to help you with your rehearsal dinner plans or a day-after brunch to keep things easy for the wedding party and guests. It also makes an easy overnight for the bride and groom (honeymoon suite, baby) for the night of the wedding, after which you can jet off to your honeymoon.

While wedding rental fees technically begin at as low as $1000, the average wedding cost for a 100+ guest wedding will be in the $5000 and up ballpark.

Beautiful Oregon Wedding Venues for $5000 or Less

The Elysian Ballroom

We love the Elysian Ballroom because while the interior has a regal and historic look, the wedding decorations will make it as exotic, modern or vintage as you like. Another bonus? The Elysian is a great place for larger weddings since it has plenty of room and beautiful, ballroom height ceilings. Smaller wedding events can still create an intimate vibe with plenty of room for dancing and mingling.

Rental fees range from $2000 to $4000.

The Pelican Pub & Brewery

Seriously, what says “Oregon wedding venue” more than Pelican Pub & Brewery. If you and your honey are craft brew fans, this is the place for you. While the two of you exchange vows, wedding guests will be in a zen-like state as they take in Mother Nature’s ambience, a.k.a. the spectacularly beautiful Cape Kiwanda Natural Scenic Area.

Afterward (or maybe even before…) everyone can enjoy a tasty bottle of Pelican Pub’s Bridal Ale, made especially for the occasion. Party favors? Check!

Their wedding event fees start at $70 per person, and there is a 40-guest minimum if you want the buffet option. The Pelican Pub& Brewery also offers special meal packages for kids, which is a rarity in the wedding venue world.

Riverside Golf and Country Club

The Riverside Golf and Country Club is everything a traditionally focused bride has always dreamed of. It has stately architecture, beautiful grounds, and a formal atmosphere. The main Club facilities were built in 1925, so its well-established grounds are overflowing with mature trees, lots of flowers and photo opportunities galore.

We love that the large, window-rich banquet hall allows you the luxury of planning for a “rain or shine” wedding – knowing that if it rains, you and your guests will be tucked safely inside with stunning views of the outdoors. It’s a win-win for all.

Rental prices start at $3 to $5 per person for the event setup, and meals are reasonably priced, from between $27 to $50 per person.

Beautiful Oregon Wedding Venues for Less Than $5000

Newell Pioneer Village

Every county in America has some form of Pioneer Village and we were all ready to move there when we were little kids. While you won’t be able to move in permanently, you can move in for a day. You’ll be able to begin married life at Newell Pioneer Village, a charming storybook backdrop for your “I Do” moments.

Newell House was built in 1852 and is located on three acres of beautiful grounds, surrounded by more gorgeous acreage and farmlands. Smaller weddings (up to 60) can take place in one of the smaller museums or on Rebecca’s Tea Porch, larger weddings (up to 200) will be set up outdoors.

Newell Pioneer Village prices range from $800 to $2700, and while you’re welcome to hire your own caterer, we think this is the ideal spot for anyone who’d rather have a potluck style wedding. Let’s be realistic – who really likes wedding food all that much anyway? Only spend big money on wedding food if you’re sure it’s going to be exceptional.

Winn Homestead Events

If you get married here, will you please send us an invite? Winn Homestead is exactly what it sounds like – a family-owned homestead, located on a gorgeous piece of property at the base of the Blue Mountains in Umatilla County. Their barn is absolutely stunning, with its ultra-tall arched roofs and beautiful wood interiors – it’s like a “sacred-secular” space if you know what we mean.

The rental fee is $2600 for the first 150 guests, and couples pay $200 extra for every 50 guests after that. One of the things that are unique to the Winn Homestead is that alcohol-free events get a 10% discount so don’t forget to mention that if you’re forgoing cocktails, wine, and beer at your wedding.

Rooftop Terrace & Billy Frank Jr. Conference Center by Ecotrust Event Spaces

Why not start your marriage on top of the world…or at least on top of a roof with a magnificent view of Portland’s skyline? The Rooftop Terrace has a garden party atmosphere, with lovely native plants and blooms (depending on the season) skirting its perimeter.

The dinner, cocktails and/or after party can take place in the adjoining, 1800 sq. ft. Billy Frank Jr. Conference Center. If it does rain during your wedding, everything can be moved indoors and guests can enjoy the soft sound of the rain as it is absorbed by the living roof.

Rental fees range from $205–325/hour, and you can hire any caterer you want. Our advice, go super simple, like BBQ, which is always delicious and affordable to boot.

Unitarian Universalist Church in Willamette

We’re going to add one more to the $5000 and under list. Perhaps you used to dream of a church wedding, but your faith has transformed over the years. Maybe you’ve never dreamed of a church wedding but now find that sharing your vows in a sacred space feels “right” to you (or your beloved).

The Unitarian Universalist Church in Willamette was built in 1925 and has a traditional church and sanctuary feel, minus all of the Christian-themed décor. UU members believe each of us has our own spiritual path to follow, but that a shared spiritual community can facilitate each journey, regardless of our differences. That can strike just-the-right sweet spot for those who want a slightly more traditional feel but without all the churchy liturgy.

Couples of all faiths, nationalities and sexual orientations are welcome at the UU, and the rental venue fees start at $480 for three hours.

Be a wedding trendsetter in the opposite direction of the traditional, American wedding norm. There’s no need to go into debt, or add to existing debt when there are so many affordable Oregon wedding venues at every price point.