Should You Opt for a Food Truck for Your Wedding?

When planning your wedding celebration, there are so many considerations. Regardless of the size of your nuptials, everyone can agree that food is an essential aspect of your reception.

While traditional weddings embrace the sit-down dinner, modern couples are discovering new ways to feed guests. One increasingly popular option is getting a food truck for wedding celebrations. In this blog, we’ll discuss the different considerations required to determine whether a food truck is right for your big day.

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Different Types of Food Trucks

Quickly researching food trucks will demonstrate the plethora of available options. Some of the most popular types of food trucks include:

  • Taco stands
  • Asian street food
  • Late-night bites
  • Sandwiches and wraps
  • Dessert truck
  • Ice cream truck
  • Mobile bar

With these wide-ranging options, food trucks can satisfy any appetite or reception vision.

Pros of Getting a Food Truck for Your Wedding

So you’re considering a food truck for wedding day feasting? Before putting down a deposit, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of mobile kitchens. Read on to learn about the main advantages of opting for a food truck for your wedding celebration.

Lower Cost Per Person

Hiring a traditional caterer can cost you. Depending on your budget and service needs, you could pay anywhere from $75 to $150 per person for a catering experience. Yikes!

Food trucks operate at a much lower per-person cost. Depending on the truck, you could pay as low as $7 to $20 per person. When planning a budget wedding, you can’t beat these figures.

Non-Traditional Wedding Food

We’ve all attended a wedding where the main meal was dry chicken and lackluster mashed potatoes. No one leaves these celebrations feeling satisfied. That’s where a food truck could revolutionize your celebration.

With so many options, you can embrace non-traditional (arguably tastier) cuisine for your wedding celebration. Lower costs could enable you to hire a few different food trucks at around the same price as caterers, increasing variety and reducing wait times. Food trucks could make your wedding the most unique event of the year.

Variety of Use and Function

Because food trucks offer variety and flexibility, there are many ways to use them on your big day. While traditional caterers service only the main dining portion of your wedding, different food trucks can come at any time you wish. You could choose a mobile bar for your cocktail hour or a dessert truck for a late-night sweet; the possibilities are endless.

Eliminates the Need for Prep Space

When you get caterers, they usually need a significant amount of space to cook and prepare food for table service. Food trucks bring their entire kitchen, prep space, and service area, eliminating the need to sequester part of your venue for food preparation. As a result, you’ll have more of your venue to work with for personal touches and entertainment spaces.

Fun, Unique Experience

Ultimately, getting a food truck for wedding celebrations creates a memorable experience that your guests will not soon forget. Depending on the style of your wedding, a food truck could be the perfect dining solution for your big day.

Cons of Getting a Food Truck for Your Wedding

While there are many advantages to using food trucks at your wedding, there are also some noticeable drawbacks to consider. Remaining aware of the negatives of mobile kitchens will help you make the best choice for your guests and vision.

Less Comprehensive Service

While a traditional caterer comes at a higher price, that’s also because they provide a much more comprehensive service. Caterers conduct all the prep, service, and clean up of your wedding meal, allowing you to sit back and enjoy while professionals handle the food.

Although a food truck makes less mess, guests will have to order and serve themselves. Furthermore, you may not have any assistance with the table set up at your reception.

Potentially Long Wait Times

Depending on the size of your wedding, hiring only one food truck could lead to long wait times and angry, hungry guests. Be careful of depending on only one truck for your main wedding meal; it might not be sufficient to satisfy your party guests and could take hours to serve everyone.

Might Not Serve a Sufficient Meal

With food trucks, there is always a risk that guests won’t leave feeling full. While small appetizers and finger foods make a great post-dinner snack, it might not be enough to replace a full-service meal.

Weather Impacts the Service

Because food trucks provide a counter service experience, you’ll have to contend with the weather. If you decide on this option for your wedding food, ensure that you have a contingency plan for adverse weather.

Hidden Costs

Many food trucks have a low cost per person but will charge additional fees if they don’t meet their minimums. Ask questions about their total costs to get the whole price picture.

Deciding What’s Right for Your Wedding (and Budget)

While food trucks can augment or replace traditional meals, they are not right for every wedding celebration. Weigh the pros and cons against the number of guests, venue, and style of your wedding to make the best choice. Ultimately, you want guests to leave your wedding with satisfied bellies and smiles on their faces.

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