Unique Unity Ceremony Ideas You Can Try on Your Wedding

Your wedding will probably be one of the most important days of your life, so why not go all out and make it something special? Weddings are the perfect opportunity to do something special that reflects your and your spouse’s interests. Sure, there are traditional weddings, but the important part is that your ceremony is unique to you. With that in mind, the team at City Hall Wedding is here with some unique unity ceremony ideas for your special day.

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Fun Unity Ceremony Ideas

In the context of a wedding ceremony, a unity ceremony is a specific symbolic ceremony that represents the two spouses uniting and becoming one. For example, a very common unity ceremony is to literally tie the two spouses together at the wrist to symbolize how their lives are one now.

Unity ceremonies are part of the symbolic language of weddings and can take a wide range of forms. Below are some of our favorite ideas for unique unity ceremony ideas.

Tree Planting

If you and your spouse have green thumbs, then planting a tree is a perfect unity ceremony. Trees are symbolic of life and the depths of their roots reflect the emotional and romantic depth of a long and lasting marriage. Just like a tree, a marriage requires love and care to grow healthy and strong.

You and your spouse can each have a vase of soil and mix it together while plating the tree, symbolizing your coming together to make something grow. To top it off, you can finish the ceremony by watering the newly planted sapling together.

Traditional Unity Candles

Sometimes, sticking to tradition is the right call. A unity candle ceremony is a simple and symbolically powerful way to represent the unity of marriage. Each spouse first lights their own candle while saying their vows. Afterward, they use their candles to light a third new candle, representing the two joining together into a single unit. If you do decide on a unity candle, just make sure you account for wind if you are doing an outdoor ceremony.

Taking Communion

If you and your spouse are holding a Christian religious wedding ceremony, taking communion together is a way to symbolize you becoming one underneath God. Taking communion can represent your and your spouse’s devotion to Jesus and centering of him in your marriage. As part of the ceremony, you can have the guests participate or only take communion on your own.

Wine Blending

Most weddings involve a toast of some kind, so why not make that toast extra interesting? One of our favorite unique unity ceremony ideas is wine blending. Each spouse can take their favorite wine and pour an amount together in the same glass. The mixing of the wine represents the mixing of the two’s souls. Each spouse can then have a glass of wine with each other or serve the new mixture to the wedding audience.

If you do decide on wine blending, experiment with different combinations beforehand to find two options that blend well and complement each other’s flavors. You can also premix a batch of wine to have some ready to give to the audience.

Unity Shot

In the same vein as the previous entry, you can also perform a celebratory shot with your spouse to celebrate your new union and get the reception party started early. You can each take a shot of the other’s favorite liquor or pick something together. If you have a destination wedding, you can choose a liquor that is famous in the region.

Sand Pouring Ceremony

Sand pouring is another unity ritual that involves pouring two types of sand into the same container. The sand particles mix together and create a new pattern, just like how the married individuals mix their lives together to create something new. You can mix sand of different colors or mix sand from places that are important to the both of you. This option is a great idea for a simple and versatile unity ceremony.

Anniversary Capsule

An anniversary capsule is a way for new couples to look forward to their married life together. Each spouse places some keepsake or memento, such as a photo or handwritten letter, along with other gifts. You can also ask friends and family to contribute items for the capsule.

Once the capsule is complete, you can lock it and bury it. On your first anniversary, you can dig up the capsule and reminisce over your first year of marriage.

Unity Canvas

With a unity canvas, each spouse takes a different color paint and creates a pattern on the canvas. The final product represents the collaborative nature of marriage. A unity canvas is a perfect option for couples who enjoy art and want a visual representation of blending their lives together forever.

Ring Warming

One final option is to have a ring warming ceremony. During a ring warming ceremony, the spouses pass around their wedding ring to guests, who warm it with their hands and offer their well wishes.

Do I Need a Unity Ceremony?

If you are stressing out thinking about the perfect unity ceremony, remember that it’s your wedding day and you can do what you want. Unity ceremonies are not a required part of a wedding by any means, and you can include or exclude one if you want.

That means there is no single script for a unity ceremony. Unity ceremonies are a nice symbolic gesture and a way to infuse your wedding ceremony with creativity. These unique unity ceremony ideas let you express your individuality on your special day.

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