Top 8 Bridal Gifts for Your Soon-to-Be Wife

As exciting as a wedding day is for most partners, the planning and anticipation leading up to it can be a stress-filled nightmare.

One way couples overcome that anxiety is by exchanging bridal gifts, but as fun as the tradition can be, finding the perfect present can feel stressful in and of itself. Luckily, our team at City Hall Wedding is here to help.

We help couples plan every aspect of their wedding before, during, and after the ceremony. Our informational guide to Boston city hall marriage will give you all the essential details you need to arrange your special day, but here, we’ll walk you through life before the wedding by looking at some of the best bridal gifts you can give your wife.

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Handwritten Love Notes

Some bridal gifts are flashy and expensive, but it’s hard to beat the romantic simplicity of a handwritten love note.

Even if you’re not a poet, your wife will love to hear your heartfelt expressions of love and will want to revisit them time and time again. Some people even frame handwritten love notes to make these potentially disposable gifts more permanent.

You can also find fill-in-the-blank books for newlywed couples with romantic prompts on every page. Fill-in-the-blank books are similar to love notes, but their predetermined prompts make it easier to express your feelings.


Jewelry is a timeless, easy-to-customize, crowd-pleasing bridal gift that your wife will love. Whether your wife prefers necklaces, bracelets, or rings, you’re sure to find something in her style with a jeweler who lets you equip it with your favorite design.

While you don’t need to customize your jewelry, ordering something with your and your wife’s initials engraved on it can elevate it from an elegant accessory to something she’ll love. You can also purchase matching jewelry boxes as an extra present.

Photo Album

Photo albums might be the easiest bridal gifts to make or buy, but they’re also one of the easiest to love.

You can fill your photo album exclusively with pictures of your wedding to cement it as a bridal gift, or go the extra mile and stock it full of photos of your time with your wife. While she’ll love either one, the romantic gesture of an all-encompassing album will be something she’ll turn the pages through for many years to come.

Customized Cups

Coffee and tea drinkers will love having customized coffee mugs to remind them of their wedding day. They’re simple bridal gifts, but they’re romantic, commemorative, and, above all, practical.


While your wife will love the permanent bridal gifts listed above, sometimes, a one-time luxurious celebration is the best present you can offer.

As far as disposable gifts go, champagne is one of the most popular and often most beloved. Several online services allow you to have champagne delivered on a specific day, and some even offer champagne subscriptions for monthly deliveries. You can subscribe to these services as a romantic gesture or purchase a gift card for one so that your wife can order a delivery whenever she wants.

High-quality champagne can be a gift you and your wife keep around for a special occasion or pull out after the wedding to carry the celebration onward.

Small Vacation

Short vacations between the ceremony and honeymoon (sometimes called “mini-moons”) are popular wedding gift ideas that have become more frequent in recent years. Rather than taking your trip hours before your wedding like how you would exchange a material bridal gift, you would plan your getaway after the ceremony but mention the idea in the morning.

Mini-moon destinations aren’t typically as extravagant as honeymoons, nor are the activities often as exciting or luxurious. However, planning a short trip for your wife is an exciting, unique bridal gift where the two of you can build memories quickly after your ceremony.

The best mini-moons are often personal for you and your wife, as are all tremendous bridal gifts. For example, a weekend trip to wherever you took your first vacation, a luxurious cabin if you’re both avid outdoor explorers, or anywhere unique to your relationship will be a destination she’s sure to love.

Wedding Library

Weddings are beautiful events and one of the most important days in your wife’s life. If the ceremony goes well, she’ll appreciate having a customized keepsake to remember it by; that’s where wedding libraries come into play.

Wedding libraries are similar to photo albums but hold several kinds of wedding keepsakes. They have spots to keep your cake topper, invitations, and other critical elements of your wedding day that you’ll want to reminisce about in an elegant, compact box with labeled drawers and folders. You can even purchase an additional display for her wedding dress for a complete library.

Wedding libraries are a departure from traditional wedding gifts like jewelry and customized plates. Still, they’re the best way to give your wife something sentimental that she’ll want to look at time and again.

Customized Pajamas

As much love and beauty come from weddings, planning the ceremony and bridal party comes with months of stress and anxiety-filled days. Between it all, your wife might want a comfortable set of pajamas to relax in more than anything else.

Pajamas are one of the most useful bridal gifts you can give, but customized pajamas that show extra effort and commemorate your wedding are romantic items your wife will love.

Similar to jewelry gifts, you can find dozens of different types of pajamas and customize them with her initials to make them even more lavish.

City Hall Wedding is here to help you through every small and significant part of your wedding. Whether you need help finding perfect bridal gifts, deciding on a wedding color scheme, or locating the ideal venue, our resources will give you the ideas you need to make your wedding a day to remember.

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