The Destination Wedding Pros and Cons You Need to Know

Many crucial decisions are involved in planning a wedding, but the location is one of the most vital. The site you choose can impact multiple aspects of the event, so it’s essential to consider all angles before determining whether or not to have a destination wedding. This article will cover some destination wedding pros and cons to help you decide if this option is right for you.

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destination wedding pros and cons

What Is a Destination Wedding?

A destination wedding means scheduling your wedding in a different location than where you and your partner live. While this can sometimes mean a wedding in one of the partner’s hometowns, most destination weddings occur in tourist spots or scenic locations, often requiring air travel for all wedding guests.

Con: More Extensive Planning

Planning is the first factor to consider when weighing destination wedding pros and cons. Organizing a wedding with a significant number of guests is already a complicated process, and the addition of travel can make it overwhelming for many. If you choose to have a destination wedding, make sure you start the planning process early and get as much help as possible.

Additionally, you’ll need to consider the additional types of wedding stationery you may need. Beyond formal invitations, you’ll need to send each guest a reception card. Including accommodations cards with each wedding invitation is wise as well, as it helps ensure no confusion arises during travel or check-in.

Pro: A Truly Special Memory

While you can have an incredible wedding anywhere, a destination wedding provides the opportunity for a unique experience. Depending on your chosen location, you can take advantage of stunning architecture or notable natural landmarks as the backdrop of your event. This advantage obviously lends itself to impressive photos but can also help you truly sink into the experience and the moment.

Pro: An Opportunity to Get Away from It All

Another advantage of scheduling a destination wedding is the opportunity to get a break from the stress of your everyday routine. While the honeymoon is an incredible escape and time for celebration, it can also be nice to be away from the burdens of home and work during the lead-up to your wedding. In addition, the planning process can be stressful, so taking a trip for a special event can be a great way to put the pressure behind you and focus on enjoying yourself.

Con: Travel Can Be Expensive

While destination weddings can be incredible experiences for couples and their guests, there are also downsides. The most significant hurdle for many couples is cost, as travel and accommodations for you and your loved ones can substantially increase the event’s budget. However, weddings are already expensive, so don’t feel pressure to choose a destination wedding if you’re worried it will strain the budget.

Con: More Limited Guest List

Another downside to destination weddings is that they inherently lead to a smaller guest list. While all your loved ones will want to be there for your special day, aligning a multiple-day trip with everyone’s schedules is a significant challenge. Ultimately, it’s likely that adding travel to the occasion will result in at least a few guests being unable to attend.

However, some couples may find this downside to be completely acceptable. Those who prefer a more intimate event may actually find this limitation an advantage, making it easy to limit the guest list to the people most important to you.

Pro: More Flexibility of Venue

Considering a destination wedding allows you to widen your search for venues, making it more likely to find the perfect place for your wedding. In addition, different cities offer distinct types of architecture and natural scenery; choosing the location allows for complete control over the style and backdrop of the event.

Con: Legal and Travel Complications

When considering destination wedding pros and cons, it’s also vital to consider the potential complications when traveling abroad. For example, if you plan to leave the country, you and all your guests will need to update your passports and schedule air travel. Additionally, it’s essential to ensure your marriage in another nation will be legally valid in the United States.

Even if you plan only to travel domestically, the ongoing pandemic makes flying more challenging than usual. These burdens shouldn’t dissuade you from choosing this type of wedding, but it’s essential to consider them beforehand.


Ultimately, the top priority when planning your wedding is what makes you and your partner happy. The entire occasion is for the two of you, so you should make every decision with that in mind. If you and your partner have always dreamed of getting married in a specific place or venue, the reward of achieving your dream wedding can certainly be worth the challenges involved.

However, it’s also vital to note that destination weddings can be highly stressful to plan for some couples. Your wedding can be great no matter where it happens, so don’t feel pressured to travel somewhere luxurious. Instead, focus on what matters to you most, and your wedding will be a success, regardless of the destination.

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